Fast-paced puzzle fun.

BlitzWord is a mobile puzzle game where you can flex your vocabulary prowess against opponents from around the world.
Match higher-valued words more quickly than your opponents and climb the leaderboards! 

Game Rules

Find an opponent online who matches your skill level, or invite a friend directly.

Every round in a matchup is 15 seconds long. In those 15 seconds you try to find as many words as possible 

Choose the right words as each letter on the board has an associated value assigned to it.

Keep it short and sweet ☺️

Short rounds make it super easy to jump in and out of a BlitzWord matchup throughout your busy day.

Game Rules
  • “i love word games and i love battle puzzles games. I think this game was made for me. i love this game, thank you.”
    Chris Russell
    Android User
  • “Who knew words could be so much fun!!”
    iOS User

Game Rules

  • Find Opponent


    If you tap on "Play vs World" BlitzWord matches you with an opponent anywhere in the world who is currently online as well looking to play a match.

    You can also invite someone directly to play a match with you by tapping on "Play vs Friend".

  • Timed Rounds

    Match Rounds

    Each match when playing against an opponent online has a total of 4 rounds. Each round is 15 seconds long and each gets 2 rounds each to try and rack up as many points as possible.

    When playing against the computer, Hal you can select two, four, six or eight rounds in a match.

  • Matching Words

    Matching Words

    You swipe letters together in a continuous swiping motion to match a word. Any word goes in BlitzWord as long as it's in our dictionary and containers 3 or more characters. Every character on the board has a point value associated with it so choose which words to match wisely! Players can only match a word once in a match (even between rounds).

    If you come across a word that isn't a valid word in BlitzWord but think it should please send us an email

  • Leaderboards


    With every BlitzWord match you win, the points gained during that match goes toward your overall score on the leaderboard. Winning a match against Hal puts the points toward the "VS Hal" leaderboard and any online match goes towards your ranking in the "VS World" leaderboard

    You need to be online at the end of a match in order to add your points to the leaderboards.